B2W - Maintain.


Your equipment is either making you money or costing you money

By streamlining the work order planning and scheduling process you can shorten resolution times for work orders and balance work between resources. Instant access to equipment information allows you to analyze performance efficiency to minimize downtime and failure.

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The Ultimate Equipment Manger’s Guide to an Enterprise-Class Maintenance Program

An Insightful Look at Why Construction Companies Leverage Specialized Software to:

  • Maximize Uptime
  • Cut Costs
  • Drive Profitability

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See what you have and where you have it

B2W Maintain lets you track equipment details throughout your operation. In one place you can see maintenance due dates and history for all assets, along with details like category, class, serial numbers, weight and dimensions.

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Tablet application for mechanics

Employees working in the shop can utilize on-screen work orders to schedule equipment repairs and maintenance. Keep track of mechanic hours, parts usage and reference equipment repair manuals while performing repairs out in the field.

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B2W Cloud

Use B2W Maintain in the Cloud

Our Cloud offering eliminates the cost and effort of in-house IT maintenance and specialists. B2W Software installs, automatically updates, and secures your data without you having to worry about it.